Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans. Innovative educators are using Goalbook to save time and stay organized.

Special Education

Goalbook helps special educators track IEP goals and share progress with the team. Administrators view reports in real-time to ensure that all student receive educational benefit.

Response to Intervention

Group students into tiers and set individual student goals. Intervention teams can collaboratively record progress and evaluate effectiveness of interventions.

Blended Learning

Set online learning goals for students and track progress. Educators know what students are working on in lab and can celebrate accomplishments or review areas of difficulty.

General Education

Give every student ownership of their own personal learning plan. Students can develop their own goals, self-track progress, and collaborate with their teachers and parents every step along the way.


Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans.


Georgina Chong-You

Teacher/Instructor at School/Home

Monday, September 10, 2012

Goalbook is a great tool to use for students in a classroom for whom you have an individualized education plan. Every teacher has a certain set of goals that they set for each student, and Goalbook provides a way for teachers to set educational goals for each students and track the progress of those students meeting their educational goals. Teachers, students and parents alike can help to set the individualized goals and continuously see the progress being made to reach those goals. The best part is that everyone involved in creating the Goalbook is able to see what tools and resources are working positively towards reaching the goal and those that are not working.

As a homeschool teacher, I think this is a great tool to use for a homeschool program, especially because of the frequent opportunity of one-on-one attention from teacher to student.

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