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  • produces customized interactive, collaborative content
  • develops new online tools
  • provides consulting services and professional development to schools, universities, businesses and government organizations
  • makes keynote conference presentations that excite, inform and inspire!

Founded in 1984, GSN is a 501(c)3 non-profit education organization.


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Free Basic Membership Free We believe that all students and educators should have access to our learning content - therefore we offer our basic web services for free.
Contributing Membership $45.00 Pledge your support to Global SchoolNet and help us keep our services free. Plus - there are extra benefits!


January 20, 2013

Global SchoolNet is a great place for teachers to use when looking for collaborative projects. The site offers its own programs to encourage interaction among schools across the world, such as its “Doors to Diplomacy” contest. It also allows teachers to post their own classroom collaborative projects and to participate in others’ posted projects. The projects vary, from simple postcard exchanges across the United States to investigations of fairy tales throughout the world.