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This tool is no longer in service.

There are incredible educational lessons all over the web but they’re hard to find. We help find the best ones for students.

Hundreds of amazing teachers post educational videos online every day. At Glean, we’ve structured and organized these videos, tagged them by educational standard, and wrapped them in interactive tools (like Q&A and practice exercises). We’ve even built technology to pick the ideal teacher for the student based on his/her learning style and ability.

Our technology works by pairing students with the best lessons for them. Together our team of teachers have watched these lessons, studying and collecting a number of details on every lesson – setting, pace, teaching style, grade level, and more!

With Glean, students discover lessons by searching or browsing directly within a subject. Once a topic is chosen, Glean will quickly scan and analyze all the teachers within that topic to find those who match a student’s learning style closest. And if the video is not quite right for them, tell Glean and it gets better.


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Math Teacher
March 11, 2014

I heard about Glean from the science teachers at our school and luckily they also have videos for math teachers.

I was blown away by the selection of math videos Glean offers for both my Algebra and Geometry classes.

I also like that they show alternate videos for my students to choose from if they’re stuck on a current video. I will assign a video for students, but I encourage them to explore other teachers teaching the same concept if the first one doesn’t work for them. Thanks to Glean for creating this!

Math Teacher
February 17, 2014

I used Glean for a week to flip my Alg and Geo classes and Ss loved it. The site is laid out very simply and their videos are better than the ones I usually find on Youtube.

I like that they didn’t force me to use the site in one way or another, it’s flexible enough for both basic users and power users to use. I’ve already recommended it to a few colleagues.