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A teacher starts a kit and his/her students go to on any phone, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, or desktop. Each student inputs the game’s 4 digit code and their name.
Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Throughout a kit, each student will get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery.


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GimKit Free Free for use.


April 19, 2022

Gimkit is a wonderful gamified quiz platform. I teach in a title 1 school and this remains one of the best ways to engage my students. Gimkit’s games are deeper than Kahoot or Blookit games and offer more gamification elements and more variety than either platform. It integrates seamlessly with PearDeck’s Flashcard Factory for a complete gamified vocabulary lesson. I definitely recommend it to teachers who are interested in using a gamified formative assessment app!

April 17, 2019

I use this tool in conjunction with my Quizlet flashcard set. Upload your flashcards from Quizlet to Gimkit and add another level of gameplay to your review game. Students play at their own pace but are rewarded with cash for correct answers and lose cash for incorrect answers. Money can then be used to by powers. A leaderboard is maintained on the screen in front of the class. When the time runs out the person with the most money wins. You can adjust the time of play and a variety of other options. It is a great change of pace from some of the other review games. I like that the students may review each of the questions multiple times in one game. I often pair this game with Quizlet live.

October 1, 2018

It is pretty similar to Kahoot, but more user-friendly than it. You can simply import the vocab from Quizlet and that’s it. Kids love it! Free trial only allows five kits.

District Instructional Coach
July 19, 2018

Created for students by students! Students earn money instead of points. Although the game costs, students have shown more investment within this platform than kahoot. There are many options on creating kits that increase in rigor as students go along.