GeoPop Global Challenge is an addictive new geography game from SleekGeek, makers or teacher-created educational apps.

GeoPop is designed for true beginners who are just figuring out which Korea is North Korea, to the mad “Geo Freaks” who can spout off what the indigenous languages of Paraguay are without blinking and everyone in between.

Children and adults can choose from 3 levels of difficulty and test your knowledge of all things international, from soccer, to coup d’etats, from ancient history to the latest events that shape this crazy planet we call home.

Perfect for the rainy day recess, the after school program, the long car ride, or even a cocktail party!

Running for office and want to avoid embarrassing campaign-ending gaffes? Brush up your Geo powers with GeoPop!

Scroll and Zoom around on the iPad ‘s incredibly easy to use interface while feeding your brain’s desire for dopamine with GeoPop, and soon you’ll be impressing everyone with your crazy geographical facts!

GeoPop features hundreds of questions that touch all continents as well as relevant hints to help you pin point the right country before the clock runs out.

Need a hint? GeoPop understands that learners need other points of reference to get to the right answer sometimes.

Can you find Portugal?

Know where India is?

Where would can you buy a bowl of udon and pay with Yen?

Think you know what country has Helsinki as its capital?

Where do you go to see the Gkstad ship at the Viking Museum? Hint: It’s in Oslo…


  • Upbeat, optional soundtrack with a global vibe
  • Customize number of questions and time allowed
  • Save high scores
  • Colorful political maps
  • Scrollable and zoomable interface
  • Hundreds of questions, more to come!
  • Hints for every question
  • Dozens of countries with all continents (except Antarctica) represented


Plan Price Details
GeoPop $0.99 Compatible with iPad.