GCSE Physics


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Question types:

  • Descriptive
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice single answer
  • Yes or No
  • True or false

App features:

  • Test timer
  • Sound (this feature can be turned off)
  • Randomised questioning so you don’t get the same questions again and again
  • Instant feedback option (this feature can be turned off)
  • Review of questions with answers
  • Reporting features to assess your results (requires internet connection)
  • Quality assured content covering all UK leading exam boards
  • Make in-app purchases to test yourself further
  • Free sample videos from www.learnerscloud.com


  • Atom and Radioactivity
  • Charge
  • Electricity
  • Energy, transfer and efficiency
  • Gravity and space
  • Motion
  • Using and generating electricity
  • Waves
  • Work, energy and power

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Plan Price Details
GCSE Physics: Revision Questions Free This app is designed for iPad.
iPad 250 To 1000 $5.99 In-app purchase
250 To 500 $2.99 In-app purchase


Science teacher
July 8, 2013

A good app with 250 free questions and lots more for a very reasonable cost.