Gather Education


GatherEducation is a virtual learning platform that allows instructors to host classes online from the comfort of their home without changing their teaching style. Instructors and students are able to interact and collaborate virtually as they would in a physical classroom.


Setup your class in 15 minutes & teach online naturally!

  1. Buy & Configure Your HardwareYou'll need a Microsoft Kinect 360™, a BlueTooth™ headset as well as an Apple iPad™ or Windows Tablet™. Buy now and a portion of your purchase will go to
  2. Install Our SoftwareInstalling our software is super easy. We're compatible with any PC or Mac, Windows Tablet™, or Apple iPad™.
  3. Setup Your Class & Send Out InvitesClassroom setup takes seconds. Send out invites with the Class Link and you are good to go.


Plan Price Details
Gather Education Free for beta testing GatherEducation is currently in private beta, which means that it is free to use.


July 10, 2012

I use this to run test review sessions for my classes, which saves a ton of face-to-face class time over the course of a year. Because the platform so closely replicates a traditional classroom, the learning curve in on the order of a few minutes–both for me and for my students. Once up and running, the technology takes a back seat to learning and we have a test review session as we normally would. Of course there are some limitations–some things you miss out compared to face-to-face interaction, but GatherEd is by far the best solution to my test review needs I've found.

July 9, 2012

I have used this tool to run interactive review sessions for incoming college freshman that need to complete the Accuplacer assessment. GE has provided an excellent platform where I can unite students from all over the world. There are 3-4 other ways I plan on using the Gather Education technology during the upcoming school year.