Full Steam Ahead


Brunel’s ss Great Britain, the Science Museum and Aardman Animations have joined forces to make this intriguing ship building puzzle game.

Let Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself be your guide as you construct a ship to face the same challenges which the great engineer faced when designing the ss Great Britain. Your ship should be strong enough to cut through rough seas, carry as much cargo as possible, go the furthest distance and destroy opponents in tug-o-war battles.

Chose your ship’s hull material (wood or iron), engine, fuel and propulsion mechanism to overcome the challenges posed by Brunel. The better you do, the more investor confidence, and so cash, you’ll earn; giving you more funds to design bigger and more complex ships!

Become a great problem solver, just like Brunel, and take inspirations from his determination, resilience to persevere and his ability to learn from his mistakes.

  • Eight ship building challenges posed by your guide, Brunel
  • Discover the capabilities of iron versus wood in the construction of your ship’s hull
  • Explore the difference between paddles and the screw propeller
  • Earn investor confidence to get more money for bigger and more complex ships
  • Learn about the design and construction of the ss Great Britain
  • Find out about the history of the ss Great Britain and the challenges she overcame in her working life
  • Can you build a ship to rival the ss Great Britain?

Visit Brunel’s ss Great Britain to get special unlock codes for the game!

Plan your visit here: http://ssgreatbritain.org/your-visit

Developed by Aardman Animations for Brunel’s ss Great Britain and the Science Museum as part of the Museums and Schools project; supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Find out more about the Museums and Schools project ssgreatbritain.org/brunel-institute


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Full Steam Ahead Free Compatible with iOS devices.


Educational Technology Product Development and Marketing
October 5, 2014

This engaging app teaches students how to build ships. Students can design the ship, choose construction materials, fuel, etc and then check to see if the ship will float.