The best rubric software around: Does what you need, easy to use and includes outstanding support.

For Teachers: Classroom Assessment

  • Easily create your own rubrics
  • Complete rubrics on iPads, tablets or phones
  • Collect data offline with no internet access
  • Compute scores automatically
  • Print rubrics or save as PDF or spreadsheet

For Schools: Data Management

  • Real-time reporting of school, class and student data
  • Analyze your data on our secure website
  • Download all of your data for archiving
  • Report on progress and item analysis
  • Manage a library of rubrics available to teachers


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ForAllRubrics Free Free for use.


Special Education Teacher
July 28, 2014

I use this tool to create rubrics for my classroom as a standards-based grading tool. It is user-friendly and allows me to enter and save data regarding student progress which I use for parent-teacher conferences and also for IEP planning purposes. Love this tool!