Spend less time testing and more time teaching!

Whether you’re a teacher, home schooler, or other active player in your student’s education – for anyone involved in assessing students’ reading skills, FluencyFinder is a powerful, time-saving tool for your teaching arsenal.

Now you can lose the paper, the pencil, the timer and calculator – plus a lot of the manual labor normally required for fluency assessments (recording results, maintaining records, sharing information, etc.) No more counting words and mistakes, or clocking reading time.

FluencyFinder does it all for you, accurately and efficiently, so you get more time to spend on what really matters – helping your student become a better reader!

Designed by a 4th grade teacher frustrated with the many hours consumed by student reading evaluations throughout the year, FluencyFinder makes it easy to assess reading fluency for 1st through 8th grade reading levels. Just enter your student’s name, select a reading passage, and start the timer. As your student reads, simply press the button to count mistakes. When they’re finished, end the timer. Instantly, you have a words-per-minute fluency score – all stored right on your device to access anytime, anywhere! You don’t have to worry about watching the timer or marking mistakes and later calculating and recording them. Instead, you can focus on what counts – listening and assessing your student’s reading fluency, expression, and comprehension.

  • Installs in seconds
  • Easy to use, quick start
  • Constant access to data for up to hundreds of students
  • Includes 6 passages per grade level (1st through 8th grade) with more original passages always on the way!

We’ve added two very exciting new features!

  • Added comprehension questions for each passage, so now you can gauge your students’ ability to understand the context of what they are reading.
  • Added export functionality so you can send your students’ assessment results and history via email.


Plan Price Details
FluencyFinder $6.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


October 3, 2012

A great iOS app for assessing student reading grades 1-5.