Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments. I designed it for my own classroom, and want to share it with other teachers… for free!

Important Disclaimer: Flubaroo is a tool offered for use in conjunction with Google Docs, but is not itself a Google product or service.

More than just a grading tool, Flubaroo also:

  • Computes average assignment score.
  • Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions.
  • Shows you a grade distribution graph.
  • Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key.


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Flubaroo Free Flubaroo is free to use!


Homeschool Mom
October 30, 2012

I had some trouble setting Flubaroo up. The tutorial videos here helped. Once set up, I found Flubaroo easy to use. It was straight-forward and let me use my favorite tools – Google Docs – to manage my son’s performance. I am already using Google Docs to track his performance, so Flubaroo was a perfect fit. Best of all, Flubaroo is free!