Now you can put words into your friends’ mouths (literally) with FaceTalk! Just grab a photo of your friend on Facebook, record whatever you want to say, and your friend’s face will speak back anything you tell it to. You can even record a video to share with all of your friends on Facebook, or with all of our FaceTalk fanatics on our FaceTalk YouTube Channel!

Get creative! You can make anyone or anything FaceTalk – dogs, dinosaurs, Britney Spears, George Washington, whatever you can get your hands on! The FaceTalk mobile app allows you to a pick photo from your photo album, camera, or Facebook. You can select your photos or your friend’s photos and turn them into living, breathing FaceTalkers!


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FaceTalker Free Compatible with iOS devices.


Technology Integration Specialist
March 12, 2014

Upload a photo or image from the web into Facetalk and let students narrate the audio! Students can write a first person script then make their characters come to life. This is also great for helping historical figures come to life!