Exam Elf


Targeted at Grades 4, 5 and 6 students, Exam Elf takes the key exam skills that are learned in expensive math test preparation classes and teaches them in a fun, mobile app at a fraction of the price. Standardized mathematics testing is used heavily in schools to grade students, determine entry into schools and allocate resources. As the importance of the tests increase, parents invest in test preparation and tutoring to give their children an advantage.

“Silly” mistakes are not a matter of lack of knowledge, they occur from poor exam technique. Exam Elf contains the drills that explicitly and implicitly teach students these skills.

Doing well at exams is a learned skill. Teachers frequently focus on the content, but it is tough for students to learn exam skills. Exam Elf teaches students how to ace their maths exams.

Exam Elf aims to close the gap between students who are sent for expensive exam coaching and the rest of the students.


Plan Price Details
Exam Elf Free Compatible with iOS devices.