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April 24, 2021

Everfi is a free program that brings real life experiences into learning. It has a vast array of different curricular topics such as careers, money management, and social emotional. This program takes everyday experiences like how to respond to people in certain social situations and turns them into assessable lessons. Through graphic style literature and audio options Everfi reach various types of learners. It also offers contests, bursaries/scholarship opportunities for students who complete certain modules. I use this as supplement work to go with the lessons I am teaching. I have recommended this program to some of my colleagues and will continue to do so.

August 25, 2014

EverFi creates free, co-curricular, online learning courses that teach, assess and certify students in the critical skills they need to be successful in life. Students work through guided learning activities that teach concepts and complete assessments that provide teachers with insight into performance. The courses range from 2-10 hours in length and getting started is really easy. Teachers can get set up with an account after watching a brief training video and students self-register. The user portal allows teachers to easily track student performance and reset passwords.

To get more information about the courses, go to http://info.everfi.com/WebContactUs.html.