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The complete Encyclopaedia Britannica - the world's most trusted reference source.

Britannica has been a leader in digital publishing since the first online encyclopedia in 1981. We invented the multimedia encyclopedia and published the first one on the Internet in 1994. We're a successful and committed digital publisher, and you can count on us to stay in the forefront of technology.

Today's classroom is a hive of inquiry, collaboration, and digital learning. Britannica is there, with a host of products, like Pathways: Science and SmartMath, that use today's technologies to make teaching easier and learning more fun. Discover how we've gone beyond reference, with exciting solutions to today's educational challenges.

Information is everywhere these days, but how much of it can you trust? Britannica has provided accurate, reliable information for more than 200 years, and few people know how to do it as well as we do. We commission work from people who know their subjects--scholars, world leaders, expert writers—even Nobel laureates. Then we edit their articles thoroughly and verify the facts before you see them. The result: information you can trust.


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