A comprehensive and neutral college search engine. It lists all post-secondary schools including technical, career, trade and certification schools.


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August 30, 2012

As a parent of an 11th grade student, college search and planning is one of our top priorities this year. Edu Trek provides some basic starting information for that search. Students will have to look other places to get more in-depth help, but this is a good place to start and make sure you are covering the basics.

The site claims to be neutral and comprehensive. I would definitely say that it is neutral, but not comprehensive. It has a very limited list of schools right now. Perhaps that will change in the future, as the site indicates that all listings are thoroughly reviewed before they are published. I wouldn't consider this a great college-search tool yet.

The primary use of this site should be to audit your activity and make sure that you have thought about everything such as costs, financial aid, required testing, future job market, etc.