Educaplay is a platform to create multimedia teaching activities. You can create your own teaching activities with an attractive professional result.


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educaplay Free Free for use.


Alternative learning facilitator
January 8, 2018

This was the only tool I found of many I tried that let me match, intuitively, multiple photos to text labels to make a quiz / game. The grammar, spelling and punctuation indicate the developers were Spanish. The coding is a bit flaky, things don’t work too well. The whole thing needs to go through good QA. It’s a shame because the principle of intuitively creating a variety of games is good. As a result my kids haven’t used it.

This review system ought to have a section for ease of use / presentation.

It Coordinator
June 23, 2013

Allows teachers or students to add your content and select different types of games to play it. Select from Fill in the blanks, riddles, crosswords, image maps, among others. Spanish version as well.