Edsby is a modern, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for K-12 school districts that uses latest web and mobile technologies to connect teachers, students, parents and administrators in exciting new ways. Among its tightly integrated features are:

  • Social classroom
  • School news
  • Group collaboration
  • Grade book and assessment management
  • Timetables and calendars
  • Course planning
  • Report cards
  • Attendance
  • Parent reporting
  • And more

Edsby transforms how students, teachers, parents and administrators engage. From a web browser, tablet or mobile phone, students and parents can:

  • Check grades
  • See attendance
  • View homework
  • See submitted and late assignments
  • Participate in groups for teams or clubs
  • Interact with teachers
  • And more

Edsby also provides a rich experience for teachers and administrators, who can:

  • Manage curriculum in Edsby
  • Assess student progress
  • Communicate easier with parents, and
  • Easily identify and assist at-risk students

Unlike other LMSes, Edsby is designed specifically for K-12. To make district-wide rollouts quick and to minimize ongoing administration, it integrates tightly with existing student information (SIS) and authentication systems, leveraging data and security policies that already exist. And it allows for the deep customization required district-by-district—including local terminology, assessment schemes and reporting—even while being cloud-based.

Edsby comes from the team that developed FirstClass, a messaging and collaboration product popular in the 1990s and 2000s and still used today by some of the largest K-12 school districts in the world.


Plan Price Details
Parents, teachers and administrators Free Free for use.
Students Contact Some features premium charge, one time setup fee.


June 3, 2015

I love the fact it keeps me up to date on my sons grade, plus his absents and tardies. The only con I have or other wise issue I have with Edsby Is the fact teacher do not and r not required to update it daily. This makes it hard on me becuz I watch my sons gardes on a daily basis.I believe teachers should be required to update their students grades on here daily. Plus keep parents posted on Edsby of what they r learning in class. Overall though I luv using it. My son is not a big fan of it, but he has started to use it more often as well to keep track of what he is missing or what his teachers has not put his grades in on. So He sees how it is benfitting him as well. I agree this is one of the best tools the school system has came out with for us parents.

June 3, 2015

It is amazing. It keeps me updated with everything concerning the school and my son grades and assignments.

Social Studies Teacher
January 23, 2015

My school district changed to Edsby from a very well-established grading/communication tool, and the transition has been very painful for all stakeholders. It loses grades that I have entered on a regular basis, and is often difficult to connect to, as I often receive “Uh oh! Something went wrong” messages. I’m tired of hearing what has gone wrong… please fix it.

January 10, 2015

My students also used Edline previously and in the beginning did not like Edsby as much and found it more difficult to use. It had some glitches that they seemed to have worked out most of them, including what others have previously stated about not separating the first and second quarter grades. Now they have a separate section to view past quarter grades. It’s never easy making technology changes once you are used to something else. However, Edsby has worked to improve their site and it has gotten better in the past few years that our school district has used it.

Edsby offers school messages of upcoming events and calendars to track information and keep you constantly informed. Under each class there is an overall class grade, as well as, classwork, homework, quiz and test grades posted under classwork. There are messages for the entire class and opportunities to leave private messages to the teacher as well. Teachers are able to post links to sites or videos they want students to check out.

I love that it Edsby is up to date and easy to retrieve my children’s work. It’s a practical tool that helps me as a parent, and my children to be able to stay on top of their daily work. It’s easy to use and an excellent source to utilize.

I have suggested that there should be an option to remove old messages from previous school years, as well as, old schools that they no longer attend. Also that my children and I have noticed that on occasion we get an error message that we cannot view his work from each class immediately, there is some type of error which seems to have been fixed. I also asked if for each class’s or subject’s work section, when leaving a message to the teacher about a specific assignment, the teacher could view the email without having to be in the class work area section or on Edsby, instead if it would go directly to their school email. A teacher informed me that leaving a message for the teacher in this area does not send a direct email to the teacher like the message section, instead they have to be in Edsby or in that section to get it. It would be so much easier that if you have a question about a specific assignment, you could send the email privately directly to the teacher without having to repeat the assignment information to them in the message section, it would all be in one place in their class work section. Edsby informed me that they would look into all of my suggestions and appreciated my feedback.

I really like that Edsby asks for parents feedback on their site, giving us an opportunity to offer suggestions or improvements that we feel would help. When I had a technical question about their site they got back to me immediately and have been very helpful. It’s important that they are trying to work with both parents, teachers, and the school system to constantly improve their site.

My family has found it to be an excellent way to keep informed and up to date daily on my children’s classwork and with their teachers. It has been helpful when they are absent to be able to see any work posted for the day that they may have missed. It is a valuable tool and I am glad that our school offers it. I wish I had a site like this when I was a student. Keep up the good work Edsby!

Art Educator
November 20, 2014

I used Edsby at my last school in Ontario, and wish I had it at my new school in British Columbia. This school is using Powerschool in the office and for attendance and gradebook, but even though people here think it’s okay I feel like I just jumped back to Windows 98. I also miss the simplicity of connecting with students and parents.

Edsby is quite comprehensive in terms of what it can do, and yet maintains an up to date, user friendly interface that doesn’t feel cumbersome. In my opinion, it is already superior to Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle, and Google Classroom as a Learning Management System. It is also developing very quickly; in the two years I used it in London, many new features were added or improved.

I would definitely recommend Edsby if you are looking for a comprehensive learning management system.

November 16, 2014

I teach Reading and Social Studies and Edsby has become a permanent fixture within my classroom. With my students having access to iPads for, it is very easy to upload documents and post them so that students can access the documents and complete tasks in the classroom or at home without having to acquire a paper copy of the task. Also, Edsby allows me as the teacher to input student grades and add comments for students about their progress. I recommend Edsby as it will aid in providing an information portal for students so that they can become self-intiated learners.

Vice Principal
November 10, 2014

We began using Edsby this fall and the whole school loves it! The interface is easy to use and is very student friendly. Parents love that they can keep up to date on what is happening at the school and with their children. The fact that it draws information directly from our S.I.S. makes updates easy. We use it for classes as well as clubs, teams, PLC’s and a lot of other groups within the school.

When there are issues that arise, we have found the Edsby support team to be very helpful and quick – they really are “There to help”

Any time you can blend classroom teaching with social media you have a hit! We recommend Edsby without hesitation.

November 7, 2014

esdby shows what homework my daughter has done and what hr grades are. its also good for showing us her band practise schedule. phone app needs more features to catch up with PC version, but it’s a great system overall.

November 7, 2014

Its a great system!

Vice-Principal, Program
November 3, 2014

We are into our third year of using Edsby as a learning management system. I will unequivocally say that it has become a critical and positive factor in the communication that happens in all of the curricular and extra-curricular life of our school. As a member of the administrative team that proposed buy-in to this LMS, there were challenges that normally occur when new technology is brought into the life of an organization. Start-up training was intensive but not overbearing, and I as well as every member of our staff have always felt that Edsby supports us well in resolving any difficulties.
The platform is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. Teachers can customize their markbooks effectively and easily, and the process of mark entry is straight-forward. The tasks of posting homework and adding files to a class are intuitive. Extra-curricular groups can be created easily, and teachers, students, and parents have come to recognize both class and extra-curricular groups as primary and reliable places to find the latest information on the goings-on at school.
As the administrator in charge of academic reporting, I particularly value Edsby for the short turn-around time between entry of marks and comments, and publishing of reports. Students and parents have completely bought in to using this product on a daily basis, to access both homework and information on marks, and, although there were some early “kinks” associated with difficultly in accessing Edsby from mobile devices, Edsby helped all users resolve these difficulties effectively and quickly.
The only area that I see Edsby developing from its current form is the option of printing individual student reports in a concise and complete form. As Edsby has helped us to reduce the amount of paper we generate in producing reports, this is not a critical downfall, but simply an option that we would like to have available. Edsby has received feedback on this item from us, and has responded that they are working on it.

I would highly recommend Edsby as a learning management system to a colleague.

October 31, 2014

As a parent, I have found Edsby invaluable. My son has some executive functioning issues, and being able to connect home, student and school in such an effective way has been a life-saver for this busy mother!

October 30, 2014

I love this app!!! I use this tool for my son who is in Grade 9. It helps me to feel connected with what he is doing at school. I know when to ease up on him on chores and other family activities because I can see what he is doing at school. It is a great time management tool to use to plan your day, week, month.

This is a great app and I wish that my other son in Grade 6 had it at his school. I tell any parent or teacher at other schools about it.

October 29, 2014

My wife and I use Edsby to stay on top of our two kids’ progress at school. We’ve used other things to follow their grades before, but Edsby is more than just grades… we see their homework, attendance, and even what their daily schedule is. Our kids aren’t the biggest fans of Edsby, because we get to see everything they’re doing and sometimes they get privileges taken away if their grades dip(!), but there’s no question in my mind that Edsby is making them and their classmates better students.

Administrative Coordinator & Teacher
October 28, 2014

Wow – really surprised to see the long and passionate negative reviews of Edsby. Perhaps it was poorly implemented at the beginning? I hope they gave it a second chance?
Our school has been using every feature of Edsby for 3 years now – it is quite simply the best of breed when it comes to LMS portals. There is nothing I have seen that comes close to its power, simplicity of use, and – most importantly – educational effectiveness.

It integrates with our Blackbaud SIS, so pulls all student, teacher and parents into the cloud.
We have 100% uptake by our teaching faculty and students, our data shows that 65% of parents have logged in, representing 100% of our families (we have an average of 3 parent accounts per student).

We do our report cards, data analysis, and all daily class work and educational communication on Edsby. Specifically:
– All teachers post a “Daybook” showing what was done in class, with links to web sources, attachments etc, plus a list of “homework” to be completed. This running record forms the backbone of what students see and do. Students and parents are presented with this as their homepage, so they always know what went on in class and what to do for homework.
– All assignments, events etc automatically post to student calendars. Students can submit work directly back to Edsby.
– The Gradebook is the best out there. Handles pretty much any grading system imaginable, is very flexible and customizable, and produces awesome graphs etc showing student performance to students, parents, teachers and administrators, flagging overdue assignments, custom notes and observations etc.
– The Student Report Zoom automatically flags at-risk students (great for Administration and Grade Teams). Advisors can get instant summaries of student performance.
– Messages get pushed out to whatever email the parent and student register on the system
– It integrates with Google Docs and OpenOffice
– Does attendance of course, including attendance resolution by the Office.
– The “Student Panorama” displays all of a student’s information including Medical Alerts entered by our Health Centre, observations by teachers (for other teachers to see and use), attendance information, Academic probation alerts…
– etc etc !!!

And we have built several custom Apps to track Community Service Hours, our own Diploma system which requires students to earn leadership points, engage in school groups, teams, and activities – all tracked through the Edsby report card system.

And all in a fast, friendly web browser.

We looked at all the other big names in LMS portals (I won’t name them here), but none held a candle to Edsby’s power or simplicity.
You really have to see it in action to believe it.
Please ask if you want more!

(Disclaimer – I am not a sales rep, but do love the product! :-)

November 23, 2013

I, too started this account just to get the word out about what a disaster Edsby is for my district. From the very beginning, there were issues with the website and accessibility, to the point that we had to scrap all of our preplanning sessions for learning how to use Edsby. These issues have improved slightly but still are much worse than should be expected.
Then there is the program itself. It is by far and away the worst grading program I have ever seen. We used Easy Grade Pro previously and it allowed us to do SO many things for our students and parents. Edsby does NONE of those things. I could write a dozen pages on what its doesn’t do but here is a partial list (we are discovering new things that it won’t do every day it seems).
– Won’t allow you to print out decent class rosters…only option is one that only has student names.
– Won’t let you print student’s missing assignments for just your class (only the whole school and that not very well).
– Has NO ability to customize anything. There is only ONE type of Progress report and it is ridiculously horrible and unprofessional in appearance. I had to HAND WRITE Progress reports for my students. Took me 2 hours. I haven’t had to do that for 13 years!!! I guess they needed to help us use up all the ‘spare time’ week seem to have (sarcasm).
– Won’t allow you to keep attendance within the program.
– When a student messages you about an assignment it shows up in a huge slide out bar that covers 1/4 of the gradebook screen. Nobody can tell me how to stop it from popping out every time I access that gradebook page.
– Has a very archaic system of designating assignments and no way to personalize it to your needs like ALL other gradebook programs seem to have.
– It takes 10 times as long and 5 times as many steps to add assignments (which they call assessments no matter what).
– It takes 5-10 times as long to put new grades in.
– Has a hugely annoying problem….then you input a grade and hit enter (or down key) instead of moving to the next box down it sometimes jumps 2 boxes down and as many as 4 making you click in each box to add the grade…aRRGGHHH!!)
– In order to print out a class grade sheet (for posting) you first have to dump the data into an Excel spreadsheet, then take out all of the extraneous columns and rows and THEN print it. Easy Grade Pro could print these customized for me in less than 3 minutes. It took me 45 minute to do a simple set!!!
– Somehow nobody at this company realized our county doesn’t average 2nd quarter grades in with first…..we got to 2nd 9 weeks and it was simply adding the new grades to the 1st 9 weeks….I am still not that confident that it is averaging my grades correctly.
– I have had numerous complaints from parents that they HATE the parent portal as it doesn’t give them enough information and in a rational format for them to use. Most have simply quit using it (so much for its networking abilities).
– It DOES allow students to post messages…but they simply say hi, or your stink….useless.
– It’s little annoying tendencies are too many to even list.
I remember discovering Easy Grade Pro with my teaching team and we were frequently calling for each other to show something new and cool that it could do. With Edsby it is begging for anyone who has figured out how to do ANYTHING that we used to be able to do with ease. After 3 months of using it, I have NO feeling that they will EVER get this right and make it a decent program. It is crushing student and parent involvement in grade monitoring but nobody in the district wants to admit it.
Edsby is a DISASTER….stay FAR away from it or you will regret it. We seem to be stuck with it and I imagine they will blame the teachers for it eventually.

November 13, 2013

So far IMO, Edsby is horrible in a parent’s perspective. The previous system used, Edline, was so much better. Edsby doesn’t give out much information. On Edline I could see the overall grade of each subject in percentage and ABC grade system. I was able to see within each subject the tests, homework and classwork dates and respective grade (again in percentage and letters). None of this is shown on Edsby besides the overall grade for each subject in percentage only. Tests and homework/classwork have no grades, just dates basically. I heard of teachers and students complaining that it’s not even grading the overall grade correctly.
How can Hillsborough County Public Schools select a product that is so incomplete and doesn’t even work properly? They should have stick with Edline.

a teacher
August 31, 2012

Edsby is social networking tool that is design by IT professionals with advance student and class management; It is world best engagement platform for education. It helps teachers to manage department without challenges. Edsby runs a wide range of browsers, this enable you to deploy your network, your terms using your preferred environment. Edsby integrates your key systems like student information system, school directory, and email, this takes care of software upgrades, hardware upgrades, back ups and system monitoring. It Edsby is very affordable and charges student, teachers, principal, administrators and other staff same rate of pricing. Get now Edsby for effective management of school.