Easy Attendance


Easy Attendance is a powerful and portable way to gather and record student attendance. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows teachers and instructors to easily capture and archive attendance based records.

Class lists can be added manually or imported from a csv file contained with a Dropbox® or email.

Report Generation

Easily send reports in a variety of formats to email and Dropbox® including

  • Daily Attendance & Missing Students
  • Full Semester Reports
  • Summary Reports

Other Features of Easy Attendance include

  • Customizable Statuses
  • Dropbox® Synchronization

Student Details

  • Add extensive student details for each student including parents email, home phone number and much more. You can also add your own customised details


  • Easily add observations and notes for each student creating an excellent record of progress or points of interest.
  • Review these observations or email them to a parent or colleague

Random Groups

  • Easily generate random teams and groups of up to 30 students per group


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Easy Attendance - Record Keeping & Register Toolkit for Teachers Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.