Intelligent adaptive learning that transforms the way students engage with math.

Every student can become a proficient, mathematical thinker with the right learning environment. DreamBox Learning's unique intelligent adaptive learning technology goes beyond engagement, with a rigorous math curriculum that builds conceptual understanding and fluency.

Unprecedented differentiated instruction to meet the needs of every learner

A truly adaptive online learning environment ensures that every student works in their optimal learning zone. No other program captures every mouse click to individualize based not just on right or wrong answers, but on strategies, to:

  • Provide literally millions of different paths through the curriculum, based on a child's needs
  • Support every student from struggling to advanced
  • Adapt the level of difficulty, scaffolding, sequencing, the number and type of hints given, pacing, and much more

An integrated platform for assessment and instruction

The DreamBox intelligent adaptive learning platform enables fine-grained assessment of comprehension and proficiency. And teachers get a detailed view of each child's progress with insight, in real time, into student comprehension. You'll find:

  • A graphical at-a-glance progress summary for every student in the class
  • Expandable views of all of the lesson groups within the curriculum categories
  • A description of the specific math concepts each child is learning
  • Notifications on struggling students who may need additional assistance

An engaging learning environment that doesn't sacrifice fun

We do not sacrifice learning for entertainment, but fun and effective need not be mutually exclusive terms. We offer a learning experience that's both deep and individualized – and students love it because it:

  • Makes math approachable, so you'll build student confidence and a sense of accomplishment while instructing in a way they actually enjoy
  • Personalizes the learning experience with games and themes that turn lessons into adventures
  • Encourages and cheers students on with rewards for both effort and academic achievement

Virtual manipulatives that enable hands-on learning

We've developed technology that emulates the strategies of exceptional teachers with unique virtual tools that enable students to:

  • "Show their work" rather than just clicking on an answer
  • Gain a deep understanding of math concepts rather than rote memorization or procedures


For individual students, classrooms, or grades.
For a school, unlimited students.


Jack West
Verified Educator Badge

Sequoia High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Though I teach high school, I have subscribed my onw children, 5 and 7, to Dreambox. I facilitate their use of Dreambox on the weekends for about an hour. My 7 year old loves the adaptive challenges, and enjoys exchanging coins for game time. My 5 year old has a more difficult time focusing on the tasks and loses interest quickly, despite her apparent ability to handle the material. I am impressed with the simple analytics that give me a guage of student progress through common standards by grade level.
edtech digest

Monday, August 22, 2011

With a rigorous math program relying on adaptive learning, DreamBox Learning executives believe that every student can become a proficient, mathematical thinker with the right learning environment. Their intelligent adaptive learning technology really goes beyond engagement with a strong K-3 math curriculum that builds conceptual understanding, fluency and boosts student morale. This is the power of technology in learning, applied for good effect: ‘adaptive learning’ ensures that every student works in their optimal learning zone, providing millions of different paths...

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Phil Fite

Technology pre-k - 12 at Lipscomb Academy

Friday, April 26, 2013

$20 yr not bad
$7000 Really? Not a good Ed. Value.

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