Find ready-to-use activities, or create your own, built around primary sources.

Document Analysis with Students

Help your students think through primary source documents for contextual understanding and to glean information to make informed judgments. The first few times you ask students to work with primary sources, and whenever you have not worked with primary sources recently, be sure to model careful document analysis. Direct students’ attention to the procedures involved and the kinds of questions you ask about the documents. After several instances of modeling, ask students to work as a class to analyze documents, vocalizing the process as they go. Eventually, students will internalize the procedure and be able to go through these steps on their own every time they encounter a primary source document.


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Instructional Designer
September 6, 2017

In my opinion, this tool is appropriate for students in middle school or high school. It would be a stretch to say it is rigorous enough for university or college students.

Instructional Technology Specialist
April 21, 2014

A great tool for searching for primary resources.