Do Ink Animation & Drawing


Key Features & Benefits

  • easy-to-use, yet powerful vector drawing tools
  • simple enough for doodlers, with advanced features for skilled artists
  • flipbook-style animating – great for beginning animators
  • keyframe animating (Flash-like) – graduate to powerful animation techniques
  • create motions paths by dragging your finger – easy to make sophisticated animations
  • publish H.264 movies & PNG images – view on your iPad or share to YouTube
  • extensive collection of reusable art “props” (static and animated)

Drawing Editor:

  • create frame-by-frame animations or single-frame vector artwork
  • vector paint brush (with powerful vector-based drawing modes)
  • curve smoothing
  • fill tool
  • geometric shape tools (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, flower shapes)
  • transform/scale/rotate/arrange tool
  • advanced bezier shape editing
  • custom color palette
  • 10x zoom for precise drawing
  • two-finger pan and zoom
  • frame ‘ghosting’

Composition Editor:

  • drag & drop your drawings to place on canvas
  • easy-to-use key-framing for timing, position, rotation and scale
  • intuitive timeline (similar to iMovie or GarageBand)
  • nest compositions within compositions for complex animation effects
  • opacity control

Export Options:

  • animations rendered in H.264 on your iPad
  • drawings rendered to PNG format
  • export directly to your Mac or PC via iTunes
  • save to the “Saved Photos” album for easy sharing to YouTube and e-mail

Created by the team behind, an animation site of 400,000 users worldwide who created 2 million pieces of art and Doink Express app for creating animated clips using photos, drawings, art “props”, animations and sound.


Plan Price Details
Do Ink Animation & Drawing $4.99 This app is designed for iPad.