The internet is constantly growing and is becoming more easily accessible via wireless mobile handheld devices, Touchpads, gaming consoles, televisions and even internet glasses. Unfortunately, as millions of internet search queries are performed every day by our kids, they can be exposed to all the adult material that is freely available and accessible on the internet.

DinoSearch.com regularly maintains a DinoFilterâ„¢, which is a proprietary keyword and key phrase filtering system that will help to block adult images, videos and websites from all children’s search results. We also have a community of educators, librarians, parents and, guardians who send us updated websites that require manual blocking. Additionally, Google Safe Search technology is set to strict filtering by default which gives extra protection to block explicit websites. Children can search for information on the internet more safely and securely by using DinoSearchâ„¢.

Even with our 3 layers of filtering protection, some inappropriate websites may get through our filters. Please join our existing team of volunteers and send us any websites that are found in your DinoSearch results that you believe should be blocked. Please send us the website address and the keywords you used to find the website. Our team of editors will review and block the websites normally within 48hrs of contact.


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