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Ages of learners

At DimensionU, kids find video games that are fun, educational, and rewarding. Parents find an easy and proven way to motivate their children to learn.

DimensionU allows kids to review and practice foundational 3rd–9th grade math skills. For example, if your kid is studying pre-algebra, we know that success in pre-algebra requires strong skills in whole numbers, exponents, fractions, and so on — much of which was introduced in prior grades. As a result, our goal is to ensure that they are fluent in the foundational skills that will lead them to be a great pre-algebra student.

This means that in many cases you will see your kid studying topics that don't seem to be at their grade level. However, don't worry — it is a topic that is critical to their success at grade level.

The best way for us to describe this might be a basketball analogy. The way that you become a great basketball player is by practicing all of the core skills for scoring or defending. You must practice your shots. You must practice your dribble. You must eat well and get in shape. You practice playing with your team. THEN you are ready to go on the court and compete.

DimensionU is your kid's training ground.

DimensionU is also one of the first educational gaming solutions to support the Common Core Curriculum, as well as individual standards of all 50 states and over a dozen standard textbooks.

The goal of the DimensionU Educational Allowance program is to motivate and engage a kid to do at least 30 to 45 minutes a week of educational gaming in the first month of enrollment across multiple Math topics and skills.

Here's an example of a weekly goal: Answer at least 25 questions correctly at a specific level of content (e.g., Grade 6 - Algebra).

Topics range across five areas in Math:

  • Algebra
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Numbers and Operations

A child could be tested in over thirty different skills across the five topics. Below is an example of some of the skills in Algebra:

  • Complement of a Subset
  • Difference of Perfect Squares
  • Domain-Range of Relations
  • Exponential Growth-Decay
  • Factorials-Exponents-Absolute Values
  • Intersection Union
  • Multiply-Divide Monomials
  • Operations with Radical Terms
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Set Builder Interval Notation
  • Simplify Polynomial Fractions
  • Solve Algebra Problems
  • Solve Relation-Function Problems
  • Translate to Algebra
  • Undefined Fractions


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edtech digest

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nt Etuk founded DimensionU (formerly Tabula Digita) on the premise that the education system needed to become truly “customer-oriented,” where the real customer in education is the student. It was Nt’s belief (pronounced EN-tee) that, prior to DimensionU, most emphasis was placed on creating tools to help teachers teach or creating tools to help schools, districts or governments figure out whether teachers were teaching, but very little was being done to ensure that the tools we were putting in front...

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A great site for educational math games in a 3D virtual world.

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