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Dictionary.com Free Free online access to millions of English definitions, synonyms, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and translations.


September 4, 2012

When I read stories out loud to the class, I often choose books that are more difficult than what they would read on their own. The students raise their hands or write down words that they aren't familiar with. We go back to the sentence or paragraph and try to find the meaning using context clues, and then we check our answers with Dictionary.com. It is quick and easy to use, which means that we get the answers we need so that we can get back to the story. When students are reading individually or when we are practicing spelling, I encourage them to use a regular dictionary, but I believe that Dictionary.com is an excellent way to expand their vocabulary.

Middle school Language Arts Teacher
August 30, 2012

I have used dictionary.com for the past couple years in my middle school english class. It is a quick activity to help students look up the meanings of words that they do not know. It is also useful for vocabulary lessons, spelling assignments, and their word of the day is extremely useful. The word of the day allows users to see a word and its various meanings. Often times, I show this word of the day to classes as a bell ringer to help them get focused upon entering class. They use the word of the day to compose a sentence, thus hopefully expanding their vocabulary through this user-friendly, easy to access web site.

August 30, 2012

A quick way to look up words. Dictionary.com will give you a definition and a brief history of the word. This is a great tool for students. This tool like a lot of technology based tools requires a shift in some teachers thinking from traditional vocabulary and spelling strategies to technology based methods.