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At Desmos, we've set out to re-imagine the graphing calculator from the ground up, building on the best technologies available. We're driven by a few core beliefs:

  • every student deserves access to the best tools for learning
  • it's a travesty that educational tools have fallen so far behind as technology in general has catapulted forward
  • learning is a process of exploration and discovery, not a series of answers
  • everyone can learn and enjoy math, given the right environment
  • math is beautiful and surprisingly fun


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Rafranz Davis

Instructional Technology Specialist at Arlington ISD

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Much like the web version of Desmos, the ipad app adds the conveniences of anywhere anytime graphing and exploration.
Laura Conley

Prof. Dev. Facilitator at Clarksville High School

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We use Desmos in Algebra 2 classes often. It is a great visual tool for really seeing what an equation looks like. It's a great tool to use with all students but it seems especially helpful to my ELL students. Since it's web based it is great on the iPad too. I use it on the smart board with a group or whole class.

Desmos has a great support team that will do a live demo for you or you and your students. All in all it's Fabulous!!!
edtech digest

Friday, December 07, 2012

Math is different from when I was a kid. These days, it’s a lot more fun! The Desmos online graphing calculator is a free, browser-based tool that allows users to create, share, and explore math. The calculator enables students to easily input hundreds of expressions that graph instantaneously, save and share their work, and create “matherpieces” – blurring the line between math and art. Teachers have found it an exceptional tool for class demonstrations: they can create “sliders” to show...

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