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August 30, 2012

I use Delicious to collect blogs and articles and organize them. This can be used in two different ways for an educator.

1 – To plan a unit study. It is a great bookmarking tool for finding and organizing information. Bookmarked items are organized into "stacks." Once you have items in a stack, it can be made public.

2 – To collect articles that you would like students to read. You can provide a link to your delicious page, and direct them to a particular stack. I actually had a college instructor who did this for further study, and it was helpful.

The advantage to using Evernote vs. the bookmark in your browser is that you can access it from anywhere online; you don't have to be at your own computer.

Now that I have Evernote, I use Delicious less, just because it has more options for clipping information. However, for online article bookmarking, it is great tool.