Decku Flashcard Maker


Changed app name to “Decku Flashcard Maker”

Decku Flashcard Maker can use with vocabulary, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format.


  • Make your own customize flashcard decks. (Supports text, photo and audio both 2 sides of card).
  • Learning from ready-made cards.

Play Mode:

  • Easy play with user friendly interface.
  • Easy navigation, tap to answer and swipe to next questions.
  • Quick shortcut by scrolling question number.
  • Keep track of the cards you know by checking/unchecking them and only studying the ones you know or don’t know.
  • Shortcut mark “I Know” by swipe up and mark “Don’t know” by swipe down.
  • Choose playing by card by ordering mode (alphabet A-Z or Z-A) or shuffle mode.
  • Choose playing by card filtering : flag only, exclude flagged, mistake only, none.
  • Text to speech (TTS) up to 30+ languages.
  • Slideshow options.
  • View your statistics after play.

Flashcard Maker Tool:

  • Easy create and edit your own flashcards.
  • Supports text, photo and audio both 2 sides of card.
  • Use “Siri” at keyboard to help you transform your voice to text when create cards.

Manage Cards and Decks:

  • Manage cards by multiple cards selection.
  • Copy or move cards to another deck.
  • Organize and re-order your cards or card sets.
  • Folder organization.
  • Sorting card by alphabet A-Z or ordering.
  • Adjust font size and align.
  • Search cards

Sharing (Import & Export):

  • Import Ready-made cards.
  • Supports Dropbox and iTunes file transfers (with .csv and .txt files).
  • Sharing card set to other users via airdrop, email and message.
  • Export via WI-Fi Transfer


  • You can see how to use the app in “How to” menu.
  • If you have any question or suggestion contact
  • More details :

*This version has a LIMIT of 3 decks but unlimit cards per deck. The in-app purchase no limits on the number of decks.


Plan Price Details
Flashcards Maker Pro (Free version) Free Free mobile app.
Flashcards Maker Pro (Full) - Multimedia flashcard creator tool $1.99 Paid mobile app.
Full Version $1.99 In-app purchase.


April 9, 2019


It is easier to learn a second language when the student feels that it is important as a person and not as a box to be filled, for me it is more effective to learn in a pleasant way to learn through affection.

(1) Motivation. Performers with high motivation generally do better in second
language acquisition (usually, but not always, “integrative”13

(2) Self-confidence. Performers with self-confidence and a good self-image
tend to do better in second language acquisition.

(3) Anxiety. Low anxiety appears to be conducive to second language
acquisition, whether measured as personal or classroom anxiety