CX is a cloud technology company dedicated to simplifying how people interact with media and making it easier than ever to access and share content wherever you go. We're not like most cloud providers who just store and sync your stuff. Instead, we've set out to change the whole nature of what content in the cloud can be by creating unique new ways to find it, organize it, share it and work on it, alone or in teams.

Our Vision

We've created a platform that removes the barriers of time and distance so that people can access, discover, share, and collaborate around content anytime, anywhere on anything. We believe the cloud is about much more than storage—it's about accelerating innovation for people by helping them communicate ideas faster and better than ever before.

Who We Are

We're a team of developers, tech geeks, and problem-solvers who live for innovation.

We're based in Palo Alto, California, which makes our outlook sunny.

If you're looking for a cloud experience that's more than just a place to drop your stuff, we're your cloud to the power of X…


Plan Price Details
Basic Free 10GB Storage. 2 Groups. 2 Users per group. 200MB Group size limit.
Simply Storage $4.99/mo 25GB Storage. 2 Groups. 2 Users per group. 1GB Group size limit.
The Pro $9.99/mo 50GB Storage. 10 Groups. 15 Users per group. 5GB Group size limit.
The Guru $24.99/mo 175GB Storage. Unlimited Groups. 50 Users per group. Unlimited Group size.


March 3, 2012

I've recently started using CX in place of dropbox. I often have large lesson files in the form of videos or presentations and they're not easy to transfer to my collaborating teachers. CX, though it's still early, seems to have all the functionality I need, but offers 5x the amount of storage space than dropbox and fulfills the collaboration I need.

I use this tool when I need lots of space to share resources, but since it seems a little bit more buggy than dropbox, I have maintained both accounts.