Create a Car


Create a Car is a creativity app for young children ages 3 to 9.

This app is developed specifically for young children. The user interface is intuitive and simple enough for my 3 year old daughter.

Create a Car is a click and drag activity for elementary age students.

Choose from over 30 fun vehicle body styles and then select from over 70 different parts to place on the vehicle body.

Once your vehicle has been designed you can save it to your profile and send it to friends.

As an added bonus you can turn your car on and watch the many of the parts move.


  • Universal App! Only .99 for the iPhone & iPad version
  • High-resolution graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina display
  • Five player profiles
  • Over sixty-five custom vehicle parts
  • Thirty fun car styles
  • Save & edit vehicles in the garage
  • Create custom information for each vehicle
  • Higher order questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Ignition Key feature for a fun surprise
  • Rotate & scale parts


Sample lesson idea

Students use their imagination to invent vehicles to do specific tasks. Once the vehicle has been designed, students can save the vehicle in the garage. Next students can type information to describe the vehicle by following an instructional objective or by using the guidance questions provided. Finally, students can share the vehicle and their description with the class or teacher for feedback. All this can be done without leaving the Create a Car application!

Sample Bloom’s Taxonomy questions for the vehicle description feature

  1. Knowledge: List and describe some of the vehicle parts.
  2. Comprehension: Explain what this vehicle can do.
  3. Application: Where can this vehicle be driven?
  4. Analysis: Identify the most important vehicle parts and explain why they are important.
  5. Synthesis: If you could create a part that is not in the game, what would it be?
  6. Evaluation: How could your vehicle be improved?

How to create a car

  • View parts by swiping left of right on the parts bin
  • Select a part by dragging it from the parts bin to the work area
  • Move a part around the work area by touching and dragging it
  • Select a part in the work area by tapping it
  • Deselect a part in the work area by touching the white background or another part
  • Delete a part by dragging it to the parts bin
  • Move the vehicle and all parts used together by touching the vehicle body and dragging it
  • Scale a part by pressing and holding
  • Flip a part by tapping once
  • Rotate a part by pressing and holding
  • Save vehicle to your garage
  • Exit the work area and return to your profile

How to use My Garage

  • View vehicles in the garage by swiping left or right on a vehicle
  • Start your vehicle
  • Add or edit vehicle information (name, description, features)
  • Edit your vehicle’s appearance
  • Delete your vehicle
  • Exit the garage


Plan Price Details
Create a Car $0.99 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.