Cram Mode and The Leitner System

In the early 70’s a German psychologist named Sebastian Leitner devised a learning system that made selective learning possible with less effort than the traditional method of studying a set of flashcards sequentially.

Leitner’s system consists of a cardboard box separated into a number of compartments. The compartments are filled with flashcards that are moved from one compartment to another, according to the current level of knowledge. When a flashcard is answered correctly, it is promoted to the next compartment. When a flashcard is answered incorrectly, it is demoted to the first compartment.

For, we have developed a modified version of the Leitner system called “Cram Mode.”

How It Works

  • When studying the flashcards in a given level, you go through the set normally and choose if it’s right or wrong.
  • When all of the flashcards from the compartment have been answered you are presented with a summary of the results.
  • When the results are saved, all flashcards that were answered correctly are promoted to the next level. Flashcards that were incorrect are demoted to the first level.
  • A set is complete when all flashcards are in the highest level.

The result of the Leitner System is that you are automatically pushed towards focusing on the more difficult flashcards that are giving you the most problems.

Benefits Of Using Cram Mode

  • Selective Learning: Prioritize your studying by focusing on the proper level—each level represents a degree of knowledge. This allows you to learn what you need to learn, when you want to learn it.
  • Staggered Learning: With Cram staggered learning minimizes the amount of time required to complete a set and maximizes information retention.
  • Automation: Flashcards are moved between the levels automatically, making it easy to see which flashcards you need to study and improve on.
  • Assessment: By examining the distribution of flashcards within the various compartments you can easily gauge your mastery of the subject.
  • Community: Cardsets can be made up of any of the hundreds of thousands of flashcards in our system. Add these flashcards to your own set to leverage the time spent by your peers creating these flashcards.


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October 24, 2018

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English Teacher
June 12, 2015

I had my students each create a set of flashcards and share the link via edmodo. Worked well. There’s a paid version, but the free one is sufficient. Very easy to use.