CoRubrics GAFE


CoRubrics and CoRubrics GAFE are Google Drive public templates to make a complete assessment process with rubrics using Google Apps. It is used to assess students (or groups of students) with a rubric by teacher and also to assess students by other students (coevaluation).

This template automates the entire process. First we must define the rubric you want to use, then indicate the students names and their electronic mail. Once done, the template and the associated script will:

  • Create a form with the contents of the rubric.
  • Send by mail a form to students or give the link (if only the teacher assess).
  • Once answered the form (by students or by teacher), process the data.
  • Finally, send the results to students (each only receive their results) with a personalized comment.

In addition, CoRubrics GAFE allows:

  • Insert comment when answered.
  • Allow Co-evaluation, self-assessment and teacher assessment in one CoRubrics.


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CoRubrics GAFE Free Free for use.


ESL teacher
July 25, 2015

Esto me ha facilitado tantísimo la gestión de las rúbricas!

This has made managing rubrics so easy!