Common Curriculum


Search for Common Core Standards in your lesson plans.

Your week At-a-Glance

View your lessons in the context of the unit & week!

Custom Templates

Customize templates to suit your lesson plans, not the other way around.

Automatic Class Websites

Automatically generate class websites from your lessons. Keep students up-to-date about homework without any work.


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Common Curriculum Free Free for use.


March 18, 2012

Common Curriculum is a free site for lesson planning. With tools to customize the lesson plan template and a Common Core Standards search this tool is flexible and easy to use. Set up a class, customize the template, search for the Standards, enter text into each section of your plan. You can also share parts of your lesson via URL so setting up your template with sections such as projects, assignments, homework, upcoming events, etc. can help parents and students keep up to date.