Collaborize is a free collaborative education platform for teachers and students.

The Platform

  • Easy-to-use online learning platform. Launch a free site in less than 5 minutes!
  • Safe and password-protected learning community for you and your students
  • Keep the learning process fresh and interesting for students

Structured Conversations

  • Streamline conversations and drive to specific learning outcomes with structured topic types
  • Take a poll, hold a debate, post a practice test or let your students support their arguments
  • Launch student-driven projects and challenge-based learning
  • Let your students be heard and support each other in dynamic conversations


  • Bring the best resources from the Internet into your online classroom by attaching pictures, videos, PDF or Microsoft Office┬« Documents
  • Make conversations more fun and interactive by accommodating different learning styles
  • Connect lessons and assignments to real-world issues, in real time


  • Show tangible outcomes of your students’ online participation to drive deeper discussions and activities in class
  • Easily gauge student understanding
  • Use student-driven results to create new lessons and assignments


  • Support customized learning and differentiation by allowing teachers to post two versions of the same topic or task to accommodate different learning styles
  • Provide extra credit opportunities to challenge a group of students based on their capabilities
  • Incorporate more images and videos for visual learners, and attach audio (lectures, speeches, etc.) for auditory learners
  • Create groups based on class period, learning abilities, special assignments, practice test groups, language proficiency, etc.


  • Save time and make grading easier
  • Track activity across your site, entire class or by each individual student’s participation
  • Automatically build and share online portfolios of student work
  • Facilitate more meaningful communications with administrators, counselors and parents

Topic Library

  • Instant access to a vast and growing collection of teacher-designed lessons
  • Create topics, lessons and assignments that you can share with other educators worldwide
  • Download peer-reviewed topic-based lessons with just one click


Plan Price Details
Collaborize Classroom Online Free Create a free social network for your classroom.
Collaborize Classroom Pro $0.99 Compatible with iPad.


April 21, 2012

I am playing around with this at the moment, it definitely has potential, I will review when I have used it in a classroom setting.