CodeCombat is a game that teaches programming to learners as young as 6. Our Courses are currently available in Python and JavaScript, with Java coming soon!

Our Story

Access to programming knowledge is often gated to those with the resources, privilege, and time to seek it out. Many programmers over the years have been self-­taught, and computer science teachers are scarce, and coding just hasn’t been an engaging experience. People are interested in technology but are discouraged by the steep learning curve, thinking it isn’t for them. How many times have you heard “Oh, I’m not good with technology”?

CodeCombat solves this! It’s a real game that teaches learners of all ages to code by playing through levels and quickly mastering programming concepts. It’s not just gamification with bells and whistles, it’s democratizing learning to code by making the process more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Real game, real coding

Most importantly, CodeCombat uses typed code, not drag­-and-­drop blocks. We believe that getting students to real typed code as quickly as possible is critical to learning essential computer science concepts. It also allows far more creativity and flexibility ­- students are free to solve problems however they see fit.

How do we achieve this? We’ve built world-­class technology that allows us to analyze typed code in real­time, and a robust auto-completing and hinting system that helps beginner and advanced students alike write proper, valid code.

Our open­-source roots

We’ve been open source since January 2014, and thanks to hundreds of contributors, CodeCombat is improving all the time based on community requests. We have passionate community members working on everything from building levels, to fixing bugs, to localization (we’re already available in over 50 languages!).

CodeCombat is for teachers too!

Empowering teachers to use CodeCombat in their classrooms has been one of our key focuses, and we’re proud to introduce our Courses platform that provides all teachers, even those who have no prior experience with programming, with a class­-in-­-a­box solution that will span a semester’s’ worth of content by the start of Fall 2016. We’ve built course guides, wikis and more to support teachers around the world who are blazing the trail in their schools with computer science curriculum.


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CodeCombat Request a demo Get your students started in less than an hour. You'll be able to create a class, add students, and monitor their progress as they learn computer science.


Computer Science Teacher
July 9, 2018

This coding program is designed for ages 14 and up. This is a fun and engaging game in which players are able to utilize swords and sorcery. The students must utilize programming languages in order to be successful. Players are required to use JavaScript, and Python in order to command their warriors. The players move around engaging in battle after battle. The only drawback to this type of coding game is that players may tend to get frustrated if they are not well versed in programming languages. Even though the game has complete tutorials inexperienced players may find that the game is too advanced and may want to try a different coding program.

CTE Teacher
April 10, 2018

I used a portion of the curriculum as an introduction to Computer Science. Most of my students loved being able to play a video game to learn how to write code. Students are able to progress at their own pace.

Development Specialist
April 14, 2016

During the Hour of Code activity, we had our students work on this site – very engaging! I would definitely recommend this site for ease of use and student engagement.