We believe that data should empower learning, not hold it back. With unique experiences in education and technology, the Clever team understands the data challenges that schools and developers face. Our mission is to make powerful educational software easy to build and easy to deploy.

Automate Roster Sync

Never worry again about new enrollments, withdrawals, or class changes – let Clever keep the student rosters in your software up to date automatically.

Goodbye, CSVs

Say goodbye to manually exporting data in old formats. When schools and developers use Clever, shuffling CSVs becomes a thing of the past.

Real-time Data

Teachers move at the speed of light… shouldn’t your software do the same? Forget weekly or nightly updates – with Clever, student data moves in real time.


Plan Price Details
Schools Free Clever is built by educators to relieve the data headaches schools face. Considering getting "Clever" with your school's data? Sign up - it's free!
Developers Contact for details School integration doesn't have to be painful. Use Clever to get real-time student data.