Classting is a free, educational, social media app. The app aims to get students, parents, and teachers all on one page, by a shared classroom wall where written posts, docs, pdf, videos, and pictures can be shared! What makes Classting special is that not just the teacher can communicate on the wall but so can parents and students.

Other features include a 1:1 messenger for parents and students to communicate directly to the teacher. Notice feature that sends a push notification or text message directly to parents/students. An album feature.

Our most special feature is the Ting feature, two classes from anywhere in the world can come together and join to create one joint wall. This allows for learning to happen globally!


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April 29, 2016

I love this tool and so do my kids! It’s really easy to use for me and for my kids as well. The kids really enjoy going on and being able to talk to each other, ask about homework, and see the videos from class at home. What really amazed me is how many times kids will answer each other’s questions regarding homework without me having to do it myself!