Classroom Traffic Lights


Classroom Traffic Lights is all about letting kids in a 1:1 classroom informing their teacher quickly, about how they feel about something. Are they happy, so-so or struggling? Do they like an idea, don’t care, or really dislike it?

By getting a class or group of students to tap on the right color and showing their screen, the teacher can, in the blink of an eye, gauge the class emotion, determine more appropriate groupings, etc.

There are other uses I’ve seen online for an app like this; it’s up to the imagination (and perhaps policies/procedures of the school) how you use it.


Plan Price Details
Classroom Traffic Lights $0.99 Paid mobile app.


February 24, 2016

Disclaimer: I’m the developer however the app was designed by and developer for a Middle to Senior School teacher where they wanted a simple way for students to be able to express themselves quickly, giving the teacher a way to gauge the mood of the class.

It’s a simple, but very effective app.