This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

ClassMatrix was founded in 2013 and is based out of Mumbai, India. We are a team of youngsters who believe that India’s education related problems can be solved by empowering teachers and unburdening them from time consuming administrative tasks so that they can concentrate on students performance.

With the ClassMatrix online platform, we invest in teachers by facilitating them with easy to use tools to minimize administrative work. We firmly believe that once teachers are free from administrative work, they’ll be able to dedicate more time towards educating and helping students.

Along with teaching multiple courses in various classes which typically have a large number of students, teachers are also expected to keep records of everything from class attendance to grades.

Record keeping is stressful and time consuming. Moreover, teachers are expected to generate multiple reports with these records.

Through Classmatrix, we bring all the essential tools to teachers so that they do not have to waste their time on doing the redundant work of managing multiple registers, creating reports, defaulters lists, calculating class averages, evaluating student performance, etc., in an academic year.

All that teachers need to do is enter data after every class, and Classmatrix handles everything from there on.


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Ed Consultant
November 1, 2013

Has an easy way to handle daily mundane tasks allocated to teachers helps them get more time to focus on students and on teaching. Provides behaviour analysis, student progression analysis, and attendance, planning academic activities modules for teachers.