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Chronicle is an iPad application that enables teachers to easily implement “best practice” methodologies in their classrooms. Chronicle uses all the features of the iOS platform – including photo, video, and audio – to enrich the tracking of student progress.

Created by a husband and wife couple with a combined twenty years of teaching experience, Chronicle is ideal for Reading and Writing Workshop; however, this app can be effectively utilized in any subject to drive instructional decisions, provide valuable feedback, and enhance communication of student growth or needs through the accumulation of rich, informative student data.

*NOTE: Chronicle is fully compatible with iOS 7.0 and above.

* – demo overview, tutorials, and helpful hints

Chronicle allows you to:
•Take text, photo, video, and/or audio notes and apply them to individual students or small groups
•Customize text fields for any subject
•View and share student data in a variety of ways
•Formatively assess learning objectives, learning behaviors, or social behaviors using a unique Traffic Light design
•Include a multifaceted gradebook
•Import Common Core Standards
•Import Student History from previous year’s teacher
•Back up and restore student data


Plan Price Details
Chronicle $19.99 Compatible with iOS devices.