Cell Command


In Cell Command, students embark on a series of exciting missions aboard a microscopic "cell ship." At the outset, students operate a single station (e.g., the "ribosome station"), but eventually command all the ship's functions (e.g., duplication, membrane, mitochondria, golgi complex) simultaneously. Successfully completing missions (e.g., mitigating the "cellular crises" that emerge when wounds need healing or muscles need flexing) earns "cell experience" that allows students to upgrade their cell ship, their skills as commander, and the skills of their crew.

This game is designed to be used in inclusive science classrooms that have a diverse range of students (e.g., average and above average students, students with high incidence disabilities, English language learners, and students who struggle with reading). It is designed using the Universal Design for Learning framework, strategically aligned to key state standards, and formulated to integrate seamlessly with existing curricula.


  • Investigate and explain the components of the scientific theory of cells (cell theory): all organisms are composed of cells (single-celled or multi-cellular), all cells come from pre-existing cells, and cells are the basic unit of life
  • Identify structures and functions of major organelles of animal cells, including cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplasts, mitochondria, and vacuoles
  • Describe the functions performed by cells to sustain a living organism, e.g., division to produce more cells, taking in nutrients, releasing waste, using energy to do work, and producing materials the organism needs
  • Relate the structure of a specialized cell to the function that the cell performs


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