Design shouldn’t be hard but somewhere along the way we became bogged down with expensive, complicated software that put design out of reach for most people. Canva is here to change that, with a tool that makes design simple for everyone.

Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print; website banners, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.


Plan Price Details
Canva Free Canva is free to use. The Canva library gives you access to a whole stack of free photographs, graphics and fonts, or you can choose to upload your own.
Canva premium image $1 You also have the option to use photographs or graphic elements from Canva's premium library for $1 an image. Canva lets you try elements in your design before you purchase them.


January 19, 2016

Canva is a fantastic, web-based, image based creation system. It lets you create artwork for your social media accounts, posters and more with the greatest of ease. To make Canva even better, they recently introduced the Canva photo editor . This tool, as you can imagine is still web based and easily integrates with your personal Canva account. It does all the standard photo editing such as cropping, filters, color adjustments and more. Even though it is on the web, it is super fast and easy to use.…

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Learning Designer
September 25, 2015

21st century learners tend to be visual learners, so breaking up the online content with images, even just content headers, can improve the visual design of your site. Creating flow charts and diagrams provides a visual representation of data and concepts that may improve students comprehension. Also, images can be used to develop visual literacy skills, particularly in art and media students.

The most common complaint I hear about Moodle other LMS’s is that they’re clunky and boring. It’s extremely easy now for someone with no web design experience to create their own professionally presented website using templates from sites like Weebly, so in contrast, Moodle tends to be quite visually unappealing. You can create images as stimulus, infographics, banners, posters and content based headers to create a bit of visual appeal.

Student can be asked to create images as formative tasks to replace ‘summarising’ or ‘reflection’ activities to activate creative responses to content. They can create flow charts and diagrams, visually representing their understanding of a subject. Canva can also be used in research subjects for students to visually represent their data through infographics.

Special Education Teacher
July 2, 2015

Canva is a image creation tool. It gives you a blank template and allows you to search for images/illustrations to add. This tool also allows you to add text, different layouts, and uploaded pictures.

-Free, accessible – Sign in with Google or you can make an account easily
-Built-in tutorial, allows students to have some guidance while being independent
-Not only does it have a beginner’s tutorial to get used to the tools, it also has design tutorials to learn to apply design principles in your creations
-Search function, searches for images within application
-When you begin a project, they have several different dimensions to choose from. They are applicable dimensions like “Twitter post” “Facebook Cover photo” “Poster”
-Easily change color of objects

-When you search, some of the pictures cost money. It won’t charge you automatically, you have to confirm later before you pay
-When you drop pictures or objects into a certain section of the layout, sometimes it does not go in the correct section
– Sometimes when you try to move objects, it moves the wrong object

Instructional Technology Specialist
May 28, 2015

This is it. This is the best thing on the internet. We found it, guys.

I work as an instructional technology specialist for my district and have been assigned multiple projects involving graphic design elements. The district doesn’t pay for any kind of design software, so I’d been forking over monthly payments for the Adobe Cloud services until I found Canva.

Canva is a free graphic design tool. It’s incredibly intuitive, provides tons of scaffolding options for those new to design (free graphics, free templates, alignment guides, etc.), and I have yet to encounter a storage limit for my saved work. The Canva gurus are regularly requesting input from users and rolling out new features, so the tool is rapidly becoming extremely powerful. Images can be copied, saved, edited, converted to PDFs, shared, and streamed. The service is cloud-based, so projects I start in the office can be completed at home (and vise-versa). Premium options are available for $1 each, but you don’t even need to make the investment if you’re creative with how you use their hundreds of free images (or you upload your own).

Like Michelle (another reviewer), I have used Canva to create presentation designs, web graphics, icons, social media imagery, infographics, invitations, and fliers.

I have yet to use Canva with students (I believe there may be a Terms of Service age requirement but honestly haven’t checked yet), but intend to share it with high school students involved in creating digital portfolios next school year. I can see it being an incredible tool for promoting student creativity and expression, but also for helping students present their learning, skills, and experiences in an impressive visual format.

Canva is my favorite thing. Ever. Don’t tell my husband.

Instructional Technologist, Instructor
July 7, 2014

Canva has changed my life. I am a college instructor and an instructional technologist at a university. I use Canva to design title slides for my presenations, banners for my online courses, and eye catching graphics for just about anything I put online. Any day, any time — Canva is open in my browser. With Canva you can design social media banners too.

Canva has ample free icons, infographic elements, photos, backgrounds, and more in their free visual resource database for you to use in your own designs. You have the option to add in premium elements at $1 each (which I have only done a few times).

You have the option to download your finished designs as a high quality .png file (for web) or a PDF file if you need it for print quality, at no cost. Or grab a link to your image and share it that way.