Quickly create engaging, high-quality videos. Camtasia for Mac screen recording software is streamlined, intuitive, and makes you look like a pro. Easily capture onscreen activity, add professional polish, and communicate your message visually.

Record Anything on Your Screen

Fire up the application, webpage, or Keynote presentation that you want to appear in your screencast video, and record everything that happens on your screen. Camtasia for Mac's flexible recording options give you the freedom to capture full screen, window, or region.

Focus on What Matters

Call attention to the important details in your video automatically. SmartFocus analyzes the position of your mouse cursor, which windows are active, when text is entered, and automatically predicts the best spots to zoom into on your video.

Simple and Dynamic Editing

Easily create engaging videos while working with incredible speed and quality. Camtasia for Mac's redesigned editor interface gives you an even more intuitive way to edit what you need, quickly. Save time, without sacrificing quality.

Complete Your Story

Add Annotations like speech bubbles, arrows, shapes, and lines to point out specific features throughout your video, and save them for reuse in future projects. Additionally, callouts can easily be animated to follow certain points of emphasis in the video. Blur out sensitive information or distracting parts of the video easily with the blur annotation.

Emphasize Your Movements

Use Cursor FX to draw attention to mouse clicks by highlighting, magnifying, or spotlighting the point of emphasis. By changing your mouse cursor size and opacity, you can now have an engaging way to let viewers follow what is happening on the screen.

Captivate Your Audience

Use Tilt Animation to easily engage your audience by adding a quick and simple tilt effect to both your webcam and screen recording. All you have to do is drag and drop to add the effect. And it's just as easy to restore your video back to its original size.

Frame Your Videos

Get a simple and effective way to demonstrate your apps! Record video of your app in the simulator and showcase the device your app runs on by adding a frame around your videos. You can choose from an iPhone, iPad, Thunderbolt, MacBook Pro, and more.


Plan Price Details
Camtasia for Mac $99.00 Record onscreen activity, Keynote slides, camera video, microphone or system audio. A free 30-day trial is available.
Camtasia Studio $299.00 Record your screen, PowerPoint presentations, voice, and Web camera video to create compelling video tutorials, training presentations, and rich sales demonstrations for Web and CD-ROM delivery.


March 13, 2014

Camstasia is the single most powerful tool for creating great screen capture video. With a minimal learning curve you will find yourself creating and making excellent video captures for YouTube sharing. The interface is intuitive with drag and drop capabilities, line snapping, video themes and transitions it a breeze to make professional level screen recording. A must have for any teacher looking to use a blended or flipped classroom pedagogy.

Technology Integration Specialist
April 20, 2013

Camtasia 2 for Mac is an advanced screen recording tool by TechSmith. You can record what you do on your computer screen while you are talking. Has advanced video editing tools built in for the perfect video tutorial.

March 28, 2012

This is awesome! Thanks for posting. I tutor student-athletes at UC Berkeley, and I'm always trying to figure out what tools to use so I can provide tutoring even when they're on the road for competitions/meets/games.

February 29, 2012

I use this tool to record lessons, in a perfected form, so I can provide each of my classes (from period to period) consistent delivery of material.

I either project the lesson over an LCD projector from my computer, or place the video file generated on individual computers for students to use 1:1.

It is really easy to use; you can record external video (if you have a webcam), external audio, computer screen screen, and computer audio. Editing is a simplified version of iMovie — SHIFT and select highlight sections, which is useful when you want to delete errors.

It is really useful for direct instruction activities and lower level Bloom's content.