As seen in the New York Times, Cakey is COMPLETELY FREE, with NO ADS and NO IN-APP PURCHASES. (It was built by a fellow concerned parent.)
Cakey provides a safe place for young children to watch YouTube videos. Parents have complete control over which videos children have access to. Children feel empowered being able to navigate themselves back and forth between different video collections without asking for help or permission from their parents. Parents have the ability to add ANY video from YouTube, not just from a restricted set of videos.
Parents are able to build child-safe collections of videos and share them with the Cakey community for other parents to use. Want your child to learn how to play chess? There’s a collection for that. Want your kids to watch content in spanish or another foreign language? There are collections for that. Want to find a collection that inspires your daughter with role models to develop her confidence? There’s a collection called “Girl Power” for that.
Comes preloaded with over 500 videos already set up and thousands more for you to choose from at
Bonus feature: For young children that have a hard time finishing their meals, Cakey can pause videos every minute (or any time interval you choose) and remind your child to eat!


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Cakey Free Compatible with iOS devices.