BrainHoney provides teachers with actionable real-time insight into how they can help every student succeed. BrainHoney highlights the “critical students” who need help now and a “prioritized todo list” for teachers that lists the actions they should take to help their students succeed.

Because BrainHoney is architected as a flexible, modular system – it can be easily integrated with other applications, learning content, and professional development resources to create a comprehensive solution based upon particular customer requirements.

The following summary highlights the key features of BrainHoney for teachers, students, administrators, parents and curriculum developers.


  • know what is working in their classroom and know what is not working
  • enhance their instruction through a library of vetted digital content objects aligned to common core standards
  • align their instruction to the standards, align their assessment to the standards, and report progress by the standards
  • focus on the students who need help now
  • participate in just-in-time professional development related to the performance of their students
  • understand their own performance, their students’ growth and have continuous improvement models in place
  • minimize the time they spend grading or presenting material and increase the time spent teaching, coaching, and tutoring
  • maximize the impact of their teaching efforts by focusing on a student or groups of students that need their help the most


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May 12, 2013

Brainhoney is possibly the worst way I have EVER spent my time. The instruction videos are poorly written, the “teachers” that are supposed to help you along the way do not respond to emails, and there are a lot of technological errors, especially with “synthesis” problems. Although I have only taken German 2A and German 2B with them, other people that I know who have taken French (1 or 2) and German 1A and 1B have all been miserable with this course. I have sent roughly 100 emails to them over the course of the year describing issues in the course, and yes, they fix them, but there shouldn’t be that many there in the first place. There are no strengths to this course–I could just ask an exchange student to write out, like, five sentences and that would be better learning than from this course. I use Brainhoney because my school does not offer German, and I need to consecutive language credits to graduate, but I would MUCH rather to a duel-enroll commute every single day than spend any time with this course. It’s main weaknesses have already been expressed, but the entire course is weak and stupid. I would NEVER recommend this course to someone else, because putting other people through this course would hurt my soul in such deep ways. Brainhoney has been a waste of my time, emailing the technical people has been a waste of time, and I don’t think that the time I spent on this course balanced out what I learned.