Create your very own storybooks in 2D and 3D. Choose from bookabi’s backgrounds, characters, objects and stickers or use your own photos and become part of the story! Easy enough for kids to use alone and a fun new way to share story time together.


  • 2D and 3D characters that you can pose, rotate and move
  • Easy-to-add text, speech bubbles, new pages and more
  • Pre-loaded backgrounds, objects and stickers
  • In-App store with additional content
  • Use your own photos to become part of the story!
  • Save and share your story with the whole family
  • Record and listen to audio on each page

The beauty of bookabi is that everything children need to tell their stories is already there – no drawing skills needed. bookabi has a collection of 2D and 3D characters, fanciful backgrounds and fun stickers and objects that you can place, resize and rotate with the swipe of a finger. Children can add speech bubbles, text, and even design the cover. You can also use your own photos as elements of the story or backgrounds (wait ’til you see how your living room looks with a spaceship in it!). Using bookabi’s fun and colourful characters, backgrounds and stickers, it’s easy for kids of almost any age to bring the worlds and fantasies from their imaginations to life.

Everyone has a story to tell – we’re just trying to make it easier (and more fun)! Come together as a family for a new kind of story time or let your kids unleash their inner Shakespeare and create books they can save and share so they can tell it again and again.


Plan Price Details
bookabi Free This app is designed for iPad.


July 20, 2013

Easy to use story creator that can include multiple pages, animation, and audio. There are lots of built in backgrounds and characters that can be resized and posed in multiple positions. You can also add your own background pictures, text, and audio. Students do not need an account to use it. A share button lets you save to iTunes, send vis email, or print.