Book Writer One


Innovative application to make books with iPhone/iPad!
Make your own book with Book Writer. Anyone can easily make a book.
The e-book authoring tool ‘Book Writer’ is available to use free of charge!

Make an interactive book and enjoy making and reading the books you made!

You can use it in school, work, and at home to make all types of books such as photo book, recipe book, diary, PR booklet, PDF documents, and etc.

Making a multimedia book

You can add pictures, text, voice recordings, songs, and videos on the page.
You can use the camera to take pictures or videos and add them right on to the book.
You can draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
Book Writer provides interactive functions such as item connection and auto play to make your book more fun.

Easy and intuitive interface

Children of all ages can easily use this interface.
Use the Item Bar to add items to the page by drag & drop.
The size of the items can be changed by pinch-zooming with two fingers, and the items can be moved to any location by dragging.
All text are shown on the page in real time with the Onscreen text editor that is provided.
Use the Undo function to return to the previous work.

Share your books

You can share you made with Book Writer on Dropbox or Google Drive, etc, or you may send the books to iTunes or via E-mail.
Books can be read on not only iPhone/iPad, but you can read them on Mac and PCs.
Save your book as a PDF document or you can use AirPrint or use Export to print the books.
The books can be registered onto Apple iBookstore for distribution.

Read through iBooks

The books made with Book Writer can be read through iBooks.
You can use various interactive functions on iBooks.

At Home

Make books with your family, loved ones, and friends. The books you have made can be a gift to the people you really care.
Make a book with your beautiful memories in it and your memories will be even more special.

In Class

Book Writer is being used in many countries by thousands of people for educational use.
Book Writer helps students to make a book by organizing their thoughts. With an intuitive interface, anyone can easily express and organize their thoughts.

For educational institutions there is a paid version of ‘Book Writer’ with no limits. The paid version is available with a 50% discount under App Store Volume Purchase Program.

Main Functions

Templates are provided to make books of different styles and formats.
Use drag & drop to easily add items.
You can use the photos from Photo Library to add to the book, or you can add pictures taken directly from camera.
Pictures can be moved, the size can be adjusted, and you can rotate or crop the pictures by touching.
Text box item can be added to the page to input text.
Onscreen text editor is provided that shows all the inserted text on the page in real-time.
Book Writer supports fonts and styles of various types.
You can draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
You can add videos from your album or you can directly record videos with your camera to add them.
Use recorder to record your voice and add to the book, or add music from Music Library to your book.
Bring any music from Music Library to add as your background music.
Item connection function is provided to connect your pictures or text to sound items.
Use the Page Editor to add or delete pages or change the order of the page by using drag & drop.
The completed book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’.
Read the books you have made on iBooks.
Books that have been created can be shared via iTunes, E-mail, Dropbox, or Google Drive, etc.
Save your book as a PDF document or you can use AirPrint or use Export to print the books.
Book Writer supports the fixed-layout format of iBooks. The fixed-layout format is not ideal for books with long text like novels.
You can upgrade to the Book Writer Unlimited through the In-App Purchase to create various books.

Online support is included. Please visit our homepage –


Plan Price Details
Book Writer One Free Compatible with iOS devices.
Book Writer Unlimited $4.99 In-app purchase.