Play & create video trivia with friends.

You can play trivs in different categories, from celebs and music to sport and education. Create trivs about the things you are passionate about. Challenge your friends on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

It’s all about making interesting things into fun games. So what are you waiting for? Go triv something!


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blubbr Free Free for use.


August 3, 2013

Great tool!!
You can also embed the triv in your class web site.

March 19, 2013

Blubbr is a new, free, website that lets you create and play quiz games from YouTube videos. The site calls these “Trivs”. You can play trivs in different categories, from celebs and music to sport and education. These trivs can then be shared with anyone across the internet.
Once you’ve watched a short piece of video, the first question will appear. When you’ve answered that question, you are presented with another piece of video and then another question and so on.

There are many Trivs already on the site, but since anyone can create and share them, the quality and content is quite varied. There’s an “Education” category, but it would be useful to see that divided up into subject areas. You can use the search tool to find quizzes on a certain keyword. The site is in Beta, so hopefully that will change in the future.
You can also make your own Trivs using the Triv builder tool. First you search for a YouTube video (would be useful here to have been able to put in a link to a video I’ve already found) and then add your question and possible answers.
The site only uses YouTube videos, so if access is blocked in your school that will be an issue. A teacher could create them for access from home though. You could get students to create their own Trivs for each other as a homework task perhaps?