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Many people use a blog just to organize their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands. Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news, while personal journalers reveal inner thoughts.

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November 2, 2013

Wykorzystuję blogi w szkole podstawowej. Niezastąpione narzędzie do publikowania twórczości uczniów. Przy tym uczniowie praktycznie uczą się prawa autorskiego. Polecam!

September 2, 2012

Blogging is a wonderful medium for any and everybody to use to share their lives with friends and family near and far and to utilize as a personal soapbox to share their opinions on lifestyle, fashion, and politics.

But the best way that I have used the medium of blogging through the tool Blogger is in the classroom. I encouraged my middle school students to keep a digital journal, also called a blog, that I would have be able to check on the Web (with the proper use of privacy settings). The students had to keep a blog on various topics that I would give them. These topics or prompts would have to be answered, or addressed, by the students in their blog.

My students thought it was a great way to complete their journal writing that was different from the conventional pen and paper. They were also able to see the blogs of other students to read their thoughts. Blogger is easy to access and to use. Teachers and students alike will find it very useful and effective.

September 1, 2012

I loved the notion of blogging ever since it became known. I have tried many blogging platforms but I find blogger to be the cheapest and most straight-forward, at least for the 2 blogs I try to maintain. The first one is a blog for my English students, where I posted videos, articles, widgets and anything I found they would find interesting. Interesting facts we read in the text book, I exploited by providing more information about it on the blog. This gave them the chance to read more about something in English. What they really appreciated though was when -with their parents permission- we uploaded essays or drawing on the blog! That really had them wanting more.

My second blog is oriented to undergraduate students. With Blogger, I have found the perfect way, not only to share interesting articles, posts, videos, even pictures, but I also manage to give them updates on things happening on campus. Blogger has helped here since many students do not have Facebook accounts. I usually share my posts with the Facebook account I have opened for exactly this reason.

I found that in some countries blogs are not such a big thing yet, and Blogger has helped me tell people what the rest of the world already knows. But as any major projects, even a small blog needs updating or it just fades away, which proves time consuming.

Even if you don't like working with computers all that much, Blogger makes it easy to intergrate technology to your lessons. All you have to do is write, upload and share. Personalising your work towards your students, really helps.

a teacher
September 1, 2012

Blogger is a web tool used to publish blogs and blog hosting. It is important tool for educators as they can share different opinions regarding various topic in life example Mommy Factor blog, I publish this blog and get to share mom's opinion on media events , parenting, give ways on parenting issues and product reviews. I get to post questions on my blog and ask for opinions or vote on my blog. There is textile blogs that involves current subjects such as graduate shows, catwalk and designers works. It is a familiar tool and easy to use but at times some blogs may not be appealing to you as may not be appropriate for your audience to link, bloggers may have different display on its pages as per software programs. Blogger is a very important tool for all educators as they can use blogger to change teaching methods from class to learning through internet in class.

September 1, 2012

Blogger allows users to write posts on their own blog. Over the past couple of years, this has become a popular tool for users to express their ideas on a variety of topics.

Within the classroom, this can be a useful tool for integrating the internet into the curriculum. Students can engage with their teachers on various questions and topics. This website is user friendly and easy for children to use!

I would recommend this for any classroom to teach writing, typing, and internet.

Early Childhood Ed Teacher and Freelance Copy Editor
August 29, 2012

I use Blogger to post a "Question of the Day" for my second grade students to answer as a way to incorporate the Internet into my curriculum. This application is extremely easy for early childhood students to use, and can be set up to be viewed only by your class using privacy settings. With a wide variety of features at no cost, Blogger is a great option for beginners!