Being a Reader


We all aspire to provide elementary school students with the strategies and skills they need to learn in order to read well and to love reading. We want students to approach reading with motivation and confidence, to deeply comprehend text, and to grow as readers and thinkers and as caring and collaborative citizens. The Being a Reader program supports students in achieving these goals through a thorough early reading curriculum of whole-class and small-group instruction.

Build Foundational Reading Skills and Strategies for Early Readers

Part of the CCC Collaborative Literacy suite of programs, Being a Reader is a yearlong curriculum for grades K–2 that has been carefully designed to nurture students academically and socially while providing rigorous instruction in early literacy skills and strategies, including reading comprehension, fluency, phonics and decoding, and high-frequency words.

Materials in the Being a Reader program are provided in grade-level packages—one for each classroom.

The Being a Reader program consists of grade-specific, whole-class Teacher’s Manuals; 12 Small-group Reading Sets (4–7 sets per grade), each with its own Small-group Teacher’s Manual; an Assessment Resource Book; a Handwriting Notebook (grades K–1); a Word Study Notebook (grade 2); Alphabet Wall Cards, High-frequency Word Cards, and Sound Cards (grades K–1); a Spelling-Sound Chart; dry-erase wipe-off boards and markers; a Digital Teacher’s Set that includes the whole-class Teacher’s Manual, Small-group Teacher’s Manuals, and Assessment Resource Book, available on the web and for most iPad and Android tablets; and access to the CCC ClassView assessment app and CCC Learning Hub, which contains professional development media, interactive whiteboard activities, digital versions of the Small-group Reading books for Sets 1–5, and other digital resources.


Plan Price Details
Being a Reader Classroom Packages Ranges from $1,500 - $5,000 Contains all Being a Reader program materials for a typical classroom.
Being a Reader Whole-class Teacher’s Manuals Ranges from $175 - $200 Being a Reader Teacher’s Manuals provide a detailed scope and sequence for teaching beginning reading. In kindergarten and grade 1, shared reading develops concepts of print, builds phonological awareness, and fosters oral fluency and a love of books and poetry. In grade 2, whole-class instruction shifts to focus on word analysis.
Other Being a Reader Products Varies Prices vary depending upon the product.